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It's taking some time to raise the kids.

We live in Texas now. (The one with the boots and buckles.)

What was Kuraman Creative?

We used our networks to provide design-based services for other design companies and end clients. We solved design problems. Sure, we had designers and developers in-house (our extraordinary recruitment methods filtered out those who didn't like CSS, web standards, and those who had a penchant for drop shadows and the Adobe plug-in effect), but no design firm in Australia is large enough to provide all clients with all expert services from within.

So we embedded ourselves in the Australian design community, and had tight networks and partnerships with some of Australia's best experts and most successful studios in creative design, 3-D imaging, printing and pre-press (digital and offset), web development, application development and project management.

Examples of our varied work included:

Kuraman Creative will be back when the youngest is at school.

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Facebook is it really. These may help if you're looking for something in particular.

About Kuraman Creative

Kuraman Creative is the business of Larissa Wiese and many other talented subcontractors. Kuraman Creative went into hiatus in 2008 when children came along and interrupted our thoughts.

Kuraman Creative provided print, web, packaging and iTV design and production services. Our approach was very friendly and casual, but we were very serious about our technical approach.

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